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AMY SHAMBLEN: lifestyle graphic design and artistic photography in harmony

Amy is a lifestyle graphic designer with a special talent for artistic photography who appreciates good typography, a minimalist lifestyle and black coffee. Her goal: to make the world a more beautiful and fun place to live in.

Why graphic design?

”I’ve always been very inclined towards the creation of things. Since I was a child, I cut and pasted things, it was my favorite activity. My taste for arts, color and crafts kept growing. Later, I decided to devote myself full-time to the design and projection of my skills in lifestyle artistic photography. I always try to express myself through graphic design and in a positive way, so that when people see my lifestyle art and photography, they can feel the happiness and love that are always with me during the creative process.”

Amy Shamblen concentrates most of her work on the development of projects with self-starters on the rise and with small brands that base their work on quality, customized graphic design and a splendid work in lifestyle photography. They have also created a distinctive vision of the future and want to empower their clients.

“Any product or service can be presented in a pleasant, clean and fascinating way”.

With a cup of matcha tea in her hand, which gets her mornings started, Amy describes her lifestyle artistic photography as “inspiring, happy and charming;” she also argues that she is currently very popular in the United States due to the role of social networks in that country today. Nevertheless, she adds, that in several European cities her name has begun to have a lot of popularity.

She considers that the lifestyle graphic design that defines our times, as well as her very work in the media, must always tell a story in the most efficient way to avoid the trivial elements: “when it becomes more difficult, it leads to a more successful work. ”

Which has been your most unique project?

The most outside-the-box project that she has taken part of, in which her talent for lifestyle graphic design and her aptitudes for artistic photography were in the spotlight, was the collaboration with Powwful, a female sportswear brand with striking, bright colors, paired soft tissue confections, and designs inspired by architectural and cultural icons.

“I am a very reserved and introverted person, but on that lifestyle and artistic photography project of images dancing upon those bras a new perspective was developed. It’s wonderful to see how some collaborations make you step out your comfort zone”.

And her favorite? Her work with Sudden Coffee, company that is responsible for making an uncomplicated, fun and accessible coffee. “Who wouldn’t love to work with coffee?” she adds.

“In the future, I want to have my own online business of well-designed, quality products, accessories and other items designed by me”.

Which has been the effect that graphic design has had on the role of women in today’s society, in your opinion?

“Since design can be such an unpredictable career and job, I think it has given women the power to work from their homes and influence the world with their own voice. In my point of view, Jessica Hische, American illustrator and designer, is a great example of this. I deeply admire her ability to do what she wants while inspiring other women to do the same on a daily basis, always keeping her feet on the ground, as Lauren Hom. ”

“I love what I do for a living and I try as hard as I can to help others find a way to do what they love”. Jessica Hische

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  • Tom W.
    February 22, 2018

    Amy’s work is so creative and fun! I love it!!

    • mm
      Alina Moreno
      February 28, 2018

      HELLO TOM,


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