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Ana Pinzón, the Food Stylist

This Food Stylist whose second home is Buenos Aires is a food recipe creator that reveals the best flash of her life.

Food Stylist?

She’s a person with a great taste for beauty and art and has a strong sense of creativity towards photographic compositions in which food has the leading role. In Ana’s life, this passion began at school when she read in a magazine how a lady decorated the food. At that moment, “she felt a flash in her life”. Although back then there weren’t many options to learn about the subject, she looked for the way to approach it while she pursued a career in audiovisual media in the Polytechnic University to focus on photography and television.

Later, her admiration for Emi Pechar, one of the most well-known women in the food styling world, led her to contact her. The encouragement of her new mentor pushed her to pursue her dream, so she flew to Argentina to be part of food photo shoots. She came to the studio with a positive attitude, and then she realized that everything revolved around the kitchen, and also that “her ignorance was absolute” when facing the subject.

She started as a Food Stylist washing dishes every day, studying cooking in the evenings and being with Emi, her mentor. She still keeps the notes she took as her greatest treasure. After 9 months, she decided to return to Colombia, her native country, as fate would have it, Ana received a call from Emi who still was in Argentina asking her to return to help her during her pregnancy. With a steady address, place and a promising future, Ana lived in Argentina 10 years strengthening her career as a Food Stylist. After thousands of lessons, experiences and techniques of her own, she felt that “she had already reached a mature stage in her life, and that when the squeaker grows, two pigeons do not fit in the same nest.”

In 2014, she returned to Bogota with no resources to create her company. She started “buying the glasses, ingredients and plates” that are currently her props on the salary she made back then.

Passion – good taste – Professionalism

How is your job as a Food Stylist?

She wakes up at 4 a.m. every day to do her job as a television photographer and works as a freelancer with 4 assistants. When a food brand to launch a new product to the market or redecorate the current one contacts her, the process starts with the photographer and the client. On a day of pre-production, each item is tested alongside the utility delivered or required by the brand and the art direction. “My approach as a Food Stylist is to arrange the food so that it looks visually appealing and attracts the clients.”

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

“I dream of building a studio in Colombia where I can have my props, receive the clients and build a great team that is in charge of managing different branches.”

“The key to each person’s success is to apply themselves and to become a specialist in a sprig of a great career.”

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