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Aruba, travel with style with a happiness flavor.

Bon bini na Aruba (Welcome to Aruba) – It is the perfect Caribbean island to travel with style, taste and a happy lifestyle, located just 15 miles to the north of the coast of Venezuela. It is idyllic, with aquamarine waters and colonial architecture manifested in candy-colored palette of its towers and façades.

Papiamento, the official language of this Dutch Caribbean Island, incorporates Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, and West African, is the way people communicate within its total area of 70 square miles – 19.6 miles long, 6 miles wide-. It is a country that offers a charming mix of lifestyle and travel with style, both perceivable through the contrastive landscapes and scenarios: magnetic beaches; luxury resorts in the capital city of Oranjestad such as the Renaissance Mall; exquisite restaurants of different cultures and lifestyles with a different approach to travel with style. The local crafts and ceramics preservation and sophistication as seen in the Delft products is remarkable: named after the small town in the Netherlands, which is famous for the quality of the ceramic glaze they use, and the refinement of its paintings in pottery and in the city decorations, the brand takes up on the techniques developed there in the sixteenth.

The Reina Beatriz International Airport is the destination for many flights from numerous important cities of the world and also the starting point for the travelers, where they can begin to feel the lifestyle dedicated to travel with style of the island. Surrounded by palm trees, the climate of the island can be best described as marine with semi-arid tropical conditions, with a fairly constant temperature of 27 Celsius degrees. A thirty-minute drive in a taxi, which are easy to find around the city, as well as public transportation means that allow to travel with style, will take you to the Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino, founded in 1996 and renovated in 2008, located in the Palm Beach area of Aruba, whose neighbors include the Ritz, Holiday Inn and Hyatt Regency hotels.

An ambiance of elegance and modern lifestyle strikes you when you first enter the lobby: its design and dimensions built like an atrium, with marble floors, polished wood, and scarlet cloth in the shape of a candle on the ceiling aid to imprint that sensation in its visitors. You can immediately feel the warm atmosphere and easy access to the stores, ice cream parlors and cafes that are inside. One of the reasons people feel they are traveling with style and fall in love with the hotel besides its fantastic nine restaurants and bars that include the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, a sushi bar and Atardi Restaurant, is for its amenities in order to travel with style and especially for its stunning, crystallized sand beach in which water sports are practiced.

“Just paying close attention to the fine details of any operation makes the operation first class.” J. Willard Marriott, fundador de Marriott Corporation

Located in Oranjestad, the capital of this island to travel with style, right next to the Renaissance hotel, you can take a closer look and grasp the nuances of the architecture displayed in the buildings of Aruba, which can captivate anyone’s attention due to their iconic construction. With details such as bright colors and Classic Dutch accented forms that speak volumes about travel with style trends, the old times and lifestyle of the colony speak for themselves.

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw

When it comes to the travel with style cuisine and lifestyle in Aruba, Gianni’s Group stands out: it is formed by a group of five restaurants that represent different gastronomic cultures – Daniel’s Steak and Chop, Gianni’s Italian Ristorante, Azzurro, Amore Mio Pizzeria and Azia, with the best sushi roll: the ‘platain’ roll- founded in 1984 which members are located in the new area of ​​nightlife and lifestyle in Palm Beach, known as “Palm Beach strip”.

“Our mission at Gianni’s Group is to celebrate the lifestyle and its opportunities with our families and our customers. This search for happiness gives us our daily motives to create, innovate and serve our local and international clients, ensuring the best experience”.

For those who love the taste of authentic Italian dishes, there is an unmatched option since the year 2000:  Hostaria Da Vittorio. Located in front of the Hyatt Regency hotel, with a typical architecture of Aruba on the outside, which people who travel with style will appreciate, serve as a momentary diversion from the feel of homey warmth of the Italian travel with style lifestyle found inside: an open kitchen, glassed porch leading to the terrace and the “piazza”, a space for food outdoors that reflects the squares of the lifestyle in Italy, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, an indisputably Mediterranean fountain, and the incomparable Caribbean breeze.

Flamingos Beach – Renaissance Island, is a private island of the Renaissance Aruba Resort hotel in Oranjestad to travel with style, just seven minutes from the central hotel, the boat leaves from the lobby and takes you to a wonderful place where you can enjoy exclusive private beaches. It ohas two restaurants nearby: Papagayo Bar Grill and Magrove Beach Bar, where the ‘Crablicious’ sandwich is highly recommended. Great food in front of the sea and, as companions, the flamingos!

Leaders in the subjects and lifestyle practices that guide us towards “happiness”, no other country is more associated with this feeling and state of mind than Aruba. It is no coincidence that the national slogan is “A happy island”.

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