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BCAPITAL 2018 Fashion trends, forms of expression and setting – ups.

Fashion trends, freshly produced ideas and creation methods merge with traditional aesthetic and crafting techniques on garment pieces.

In Bogotá, the Colombian capital, a great diversity of fashion philosophies gathered on the occasion of BCapital 2018, event in which spectacular collections with autochthonous core and elaboration were displayed through handcrafted elements, striking patterns, unique crafted pieces and elements and the most recent fashion trends.

This year, the Faenza theater, stage for film screenings, theatrical performances, concerts, recitals and social gatherings since 1924, was the place where the fashion runway shows took place, a significant location change from last year’s BCapital edition. By changing their location, both the fair and the fashion trends presented during the three–day event, gained greater visibility at a national and international level. The trend of rethinking and completely reinventing the catwalk staging as it has been done so far, exercise fostered and promoted by this new theatrical space, was clearly depicted in brands like Monse and Alexander Wang.

Also, the initiative Mapa Teatro, – an ‘’artists laboratory dedicated to trans-disciplinary creation, based in Bogota since 1986 and a propitious space for transgressing geographic, linguistic and artistic boundaries, and for staging local and global issues through various “thought-montage” operations”-, was the space where the Chevignon brand, the Colombian multibrand store St.Dom and the three fashion trends accessories collections by Makis Medina, Lina Osorio Hats and Ana Laverde handbags, respectively (the three latter part of the Maestros Ancestrales project hand in hand with the fashion trends magazine, Fucsia) created more authentic connections with their customers.




”Fashion is a manifesto of current events, it is a voice of everything you have learned and gathered during your life,” so each fashion collection has a narrative. Both inspiration outputs and fashion trends during the creative process come together into a unique perspective on design, and also influences the narrative behind the user. Colombian fashion designer Jorge Duque’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection, Misturas, was Bcapital 2018 opening catwalk inspired by the phenomenon of losing your DNA, where the focal elements such as graphics, fabric printing and the union of different genres gave life to innovative outfits.


A New Cross, ”Colombian fashion brand driven by the idea of merging South American heritage through designs based on minimalism, fashion trends and functionalism. That’s why a constant research on local crafts is essential for the inspiration and materials for each collection.” During the second day of BCapital 2018 Nicolás Rivero, designer of the brand presented his collection ”What I did not knit ”, which was constructed on looks with elongated and loose silhouettes paying tribute to the weaves of artisans.


A celebration of artisans’ talent, to our roots and to the ingenuity of various brands and designers who created the project “Maestros Ancestrales 2018”, in which the traditional techniques are applied to innovative garments, closed BCapital’s second day. The Colombian brand Aldea, as well as Papel de Punto, Atelier Crump, MAZ by Manuela Álvarez and the designers María Luisa Ortiz and Diego Guarnizo with their brand Soy, were in charge of the fashion trends and collections shown in a colorful runway that revealed a new business model in the fashion industry based in original, sustainable ways of designing and producing, profitable and inclusive garments.








Through the new catwalk format 5 x 5 created by Inexmoda, Colombian institute in charge of the Colombian Fashion System and its fashion weeks and events around the country, Fucsia fashion magazine in collaboration with the Colombian company Finesse, presented five designers with their fresh and original brands. After this, the brand Bastardo, exhibited its most recent collection through an astonishing staging.



Glampr, urban collection of the designer Ricardo Pava, inspired by the artistic and cultural movement of the 20th century, was presented during the third and final day of BCapital. The Fashion styles of Glam Rock and Glam Punk had the leading roles, and they were also amongst the strongest fashion trends around the world. Seen in the most recent Resort 2019 collection by designer Philipp Plein and in the Fall/Winter show of the Belgian fashion designer, Dries Van Noten.


Levis x Justin Timberlake took the stage of the Mexico Theater in the city of Bogotá as the last staging of the fair. The most recent collaboration of the denim brand Levis with the singer Justin Timberlake took the last staging of the fair. Through the 20-pieces collection ”Fresh Leaves”, inspired by the appreciation for the music industry, pieces like hoodies, heavy buttoned shirts and even hats from different musical currents were displayed.

“We all have our own fingerprint. So when you make something, you can’t help but to make it authentic to you.” – Justin Timberlake

BCapital shined this year by the implementation and innovation in new expressive channels uniting different creative fields and the handwork of our regions. Each staging, fashion show, discussion or installation suggested new developments of the creators in the Colombian fashion industry.

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