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BEBE ORGANIC: sustainable, classic and handmade fashion style

It is a fashion style brand of children’s clothing with the best organic materials, which sets fashion trends through the protection of the skin, motherhood, art and design that comes out of the hands and creativity of its founder and mother of two, Birgit Kadak.

The children’s fashion style brand, which currently has a presence in 15 countries of different continents such as Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and North America, had its origin in the need for sustainability and design in the fashion style children’s clothing industry. The first organic collection was released after graduating from her fashion career in the London College of Fashion MA, and after having her first child. It was also due to the fact that the market regarding fashion style lacked natural organic cotton pieces.

”My fashion style brand follows fashion trends and is very traditional, as I am. I love the old traditions and everything that surrounds them.”

What is the target of the brand?

”We have a small company with some employees and we do everything from our heart. However, most of our customers are in Europe and Asia, mostly online buyers and whose main purchase motivation factors are special occasions such as birthdays, parties and events. We are still targeting the market that we want as a goal when we create a collection.”

Regarding design and implementation of fashion trends, Birgit feels that her fashion style brand personifies South Korea for its incessant development, its constant movement and for its harmonious blend of ancient traditions and recently established knowledge. “The most popular piece created and produced by the brand are the fashion style dresses for spring / summer made out of linen with lace; during winter, velvet is the essential material. ”

” We want to state that fashion style organic and natural fashion garments and trends do not have to be boring and simple. ”

How do art and fashion meet in the brand?

”Most of the collections and the fashion style set forth by Bebe Organic are inspired by different forms of art and literature. I have been fond of classical literature all my life and I always find inspiration for new collections there. I also have this rule of visiting the museums of every city I visit. I find that art is everywhere and all creators have to walk with their eyes open to observation.”

”We visit fashion style fabric fairs in Europe that have a good selection of organic materials, and then, when we are planning the collection, I turn to those materials and choose the right ones.”

When analyzing the way in which other fashion style contemporary brands can become sustainable, her knowledge and experience come across, and she affirms that the way would be “to promote continuous investigation and to analyze how fashion companies have changed the world. The fashion style industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world and I think that every designer should take that into consideration when creating a collection or brand. Brands nowadays must consider the environment and health.”

”Although children’s fashion style market has had a constant improvement over the years, we are in need of innovative furniture and personal care brands.”

With her two fashion style collections per year, spring / summer and autumn / winter, the designer finds inspiration ”in travel, art and literature. I start the development of the collection with ideas taken from the fashion trends that I find on social networks like Pinterest and Cathering, and then I create moodboards; later, I select the styles from which I will elaborate and create for next season.”

” My personal style is classic with a contemporary touch. I use pieces of linen tailored especially for me during the summer, but I also love Helmut Lang, Isabel Marant, Cos, Balenciaga and Fendi. ”

What is the role of communication in supporting sustainability in the fashion system?

“I think that talking about sustainability and green fashion has become a hot topic. For example, Miroslava Duma and other fashion designers are investing time and money to promote sustainability, so I believe that communication within the industry is more popular than ever. I think Stella McCartney has done it from the beginning and is one of the leaders in this movement from the beginning.”

”Currently, my favorite fashion style fair and organic fabrics is Munich Fabric Start. They offer a separate selection of organic fabrics.”

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