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Casa Tinta, A household for arts

A thesis based on the concept and base of illustration in 2012, was the starting point for Casa Tinta. Jose Rosero tells us the history “of a territory specialized in arts with a focus on illustration”.

Since he was studying Plastic Arts at the Javeriana University in Bogotá, his involvement with illustration was born, a subject that, at the time, did not have much relevance. “When I got my college degree, I found a group of people who, just as me, were looking for the same way to broaden the arts topic, particularly in illustration”. And this is how they – he as general director, and Diana Arias, his partner, in charge from the gallery, shop and special projects- began to produce workshops.

Alongside with Cesar Caballero, and the close relationship they held, he got to rent one of his houses, transforming it into the residence of ‘Casa Tinta’. They achieved a great reception from other entities in the year of 2011, when they took part in the International Congress of illustration in the framework of the Book Fair of the city.

“Our priority has always been to slightly change the concept of the arts – particularly in their area of  specialty, illustration- in people’s minds by transforming it into a constant, daily issue, and not something pejorative”.

They have been concentrating on giving lectures, on putting exhibitions together, and on designing and holding workshops, among others, and also on joining other groups of people who support the arts for them to grow in society. Also, with illustration as the core and focal point, they have approached other similar niches such as drawing, painting, graphic design and many more expressions of the arts.

Arts exhibition of Casa Tinta “consist of making a project that has a common thread and that is not simply composed of images”, with a duration of one and a half months. Another project currently managed by the house is Inkwell, a service that consists of advising people during the course of their personal projects.

Currently, many other spaces have been opened to the exhibition of many forms of the arts and culture throughout the country which were not present at the time that ‘Casa Tinta’ opened its doors.

“We must bear in mind that we are in a type of industry that does not play by the rules of savage capitalism; we are not seeking to be a monopoly. The linkage to cultural sciences and to culture itself is created by and from the existence of the audience; the more spaces there are, the more audiences revolve around them, providing more movement to the field itself “.

The times that we live in have seen brands go out of business just as fast as they were created, so José recommends that, in order to remain, one must have and maintain a very defined personality.

Leaving the dictatorship of “cool” behind, ‘Casa Tinta’ concentrates solely on creating content surrounding the arts that is authentic and capable of change the minds of people, as well as to bring different types of culture to them. “We are in a moment where the absence of content and deception the order of the day; we are going the other way.”

What’s next for Casa Tinta?

Now they are aiming towards the improvement of workshops, a new approach to the offer of studies, and growth in terms of presence in other cities.

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