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Catalina Zuluaga Her fashion style + Loborosa

A Stylist with a very stylish fashion style, residence in Barcelona and fashion studies in Paris and Milan. When she returned to Colombia, her native country, she provided her career distinction and representation, with her collaboration with the Colombian textile company El Éxito and the distinguished designer Esteban Cortázar as a starting point.

She has worked with many Colombian designers and their catalogs and as a consultant with the aim of expanding her influence in the country’s fashion style. Her classic style tinged with an original twist – like a “black blazer with a very elegant cut and a mini skirt”- led her to create a fashion brand based on espadrilles that, due to craftsmen technical issues, could not be concluded. This project included fashion designers Mercedes Salazar and Ana María Londoño, current creative director of the fashion style magazine, Fucsia.

How was Loborosa born?

After the release of the first product, which was the slippers, Mercedes and Catalina now introduce their robes and pajamas. Today, the brand has a solid foreign demand and is a regular guest in fashion style tradeshows such as the Market Week in New York. “We have come to realized that just as many people use it to sleep as street wear.”

CATALINA ZULUAGA, co-founder, fashion style reference and designer of Loborosa fashion brand. Here she narrates the essence of a brand inspired in all women and she sets forward her full-piece looks concepts without leaving their pajamas quality in upcoming collections.

Who is the Loborosa woman?

“The Loborosa woman are all women because they can use it in a very classic way or be more daring using it on the street. They’re garments that empower women and are part of their most intimate place: their homes;” at the moment, the product is sought after by women of all ages, nationalities and personalities. Adding, “our goal is to grow a lot and to keep transforming the product and its fashion style into a fashion reference than just pajamas and night gowns”.

With 8,369 followers on Instagram, and hand in hand with its fashion style, they create prints with the collaboration of different artists and have found inspiration more than once in subjects such as Colombian nature, its fruits, animals and the flowers present on each collection. “It’s like wearing a work of art”, she adds, defining Loborosa as comfort, femininity and boldness. She also states that it is a product for women with classic taste that becomes a whole new experience due to the style twist on pajamas. Loborosa is a brand that takes the consumer out of their comfort zone with immense happiness “without revealing any parts of your body but allowing you to feel gorgeous.’’

In terms of fashion and fashion style, the designers have found that most women have never worn a night gown, which gives the customer an emotional experience by introducing a new product of daily use. It is a successful brand with its own DNA and a common thread that has remained constant, created by both of them and known as Loborosa.

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