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Cristina Montoya, the real challenge in order to change your lifestyle comes from within.

“The battles are waged on the outside, but they are won on the inside:” this is an anonymous quote that is forceful as it is liberating. In a world marked by a dynamic flow of things and orders, in which everything is constantly changing and evolving, in which there are so few certainties and assurances, it is wonderful to remember that we are always in control of situations that surround us, and of our lifestyle. And I do not mean it in the literal sense of the expression; I think we will agree that in life everything can happen. What I want to say is that a very small percentage of our experiences are determined by what happens to us, and, in a much greater extent, the outcome of those experiences will depend on the way we interpret them, and consequently react to them.

What a joy to have the power to choose our reality and lifestyle, to free ourselves from the old belief that we are passive objects in an adverse Universe, and become the leading characters of our daily lives and lifestyle! It is to have the clarity that everything begins and ends within ourselves, so if we need a change, it must come from the inside. How grand it is to know that we do not depend on third parties, that we can choose the pace and lifestyle we want for our lives!

For this reasons, the purpose is to think, feel and do in a consistent way with what I want for myself. The way I perceive the world, the words I use to describe it, will be reflected in my reactions, and will shape my reality. Have you seen how there are as many versions of the same story as there are people who tell it? It is to take advantage of the malleability of “truths.” The past is not how it happened; it is how we remember it. The future will be as we imagine it, and will be the product of what we decide to build for that dream of the lifestyle we long for to come true.

We will fight many external battles to achieve many internal lessons that will apply to each individual lifestyle: that is why the invitation is to make a revolution from within, to make each of those battles worth fighting. What a waste, all those lost challenges that leave nothing to grasp! Today, we bet on us, and on the belief that, no matter what fate has set for us, we will give our best, and eventually will find the satisfaction of being stronger and more aware of our reality every day.

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