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Eris Tran, an illustrator with a fashion style

Drawing scenes to save unforgetable moments

Freelance fashion and fashion style illustrator with 162k followers in social networks and a drawing amateur since his early studies. His story began after attending his sister’s wedding dress fitting, when he felt something that he expresses as “dazzled by so many bright details, the softness of the lace, along with that joy I saw on my sister’s face.’’ He began illustrating models walking the catwalk, inspired by videos that he saw in the web. “Each of the dresses and their fashion style was clearly different from each other, but always following the same concept,” he says. From that moment on, he wanted to depict many versions of the garments through his drawings, including the faces that on the catwalk seemed so cold yet so seductive at the same time.

What traits of your personality have led to your success?

“First of all, commitment to perfection: an excellent training in an academic level, and being an open-minded person. My fashion style and the one I see in the streets have a considerable impact on me. My marketing studies have helped me a lot in the course of this path that I chose, and in the creation of my own brand based on femininity, elegance and luxury. “

Inspired by high fashion brands, designers and their fashion style such as Elie Saab, Alberta Ferretti, Giambattista Valli and Zuhair Murad among others, Erin aims for a market that is passionate about fashion style and illustration, as well as being able to work for internationally well-known brands in the world: “I want the people who contemplate my work to think of me as a lover of beauty and to be an inspiration to those who love fashion illustration.”

When asked how a day in his life is, he smiles and says that, like other artists, his days are normal. He studies some art and fashion style books while listening to his favorite playlist in the morning. During the afternoon, he spends most of his time finishing his illustrations in different coffee shops at least three hours a day. “Sometimes I’m alone, sometimes with friends, so that I can be able to relax at home during the night. ”

With a large number of fashion and fashion style illustrators currently in the market who have a  strong acquiring client base in countries of the Middle East and West, Eris stands out for creating unique illustrations, and differentiates from others in terms of the effort made in each detail of the chosen garments: “I like to make them look real, especially with bright details and patterns. I am convinced that illustration is something that is needed in most fields and markets of design such as interior design, illustration for books and new products, among others. That’s why I think the illustration industry will grow even stronger in the future. “

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