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Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Week


”Extremely confident and irreverent on the brink of defiance. ” – Tom Ford.

Fashion Week in New York was held with “clothes without prejudice” (Pyer Moss): Animal prints, sequins, patchwork and acid colors fashion style all displayed collection after collection, traced the latest cultural events around the world, especially the ones that took place in recent decades, such as the eighties. Many designers, such as Rachel Zoe, celebrated feminine power and activism through fashion, adding a masculine fashion style touch in garments and silhouettes: ” My muses will always be the multifaceted women in my life,” she stated.

On the other hand, the turmoil caused current political situation was reflected in Dion Lee’s war fashion style clothes and in details such as contrast stitching that the designers used; likewise, Jonathan Simkhai dressed women to fight for equality and respect in different occasions with structured Basque jackets and lace.


COACH 1941








The polychromatic and cross-cultural tones and casting with touches and explosions of lentils became evident during London Fashion Week. From the Ashish Gupta’s rainbow of colors of the chosen palette exhibited in his runway – which represented the Street Style trends of India-, we noticed that the designers focused on presenting fashion style vibrant collections and sunny tones, welcoming the Spring and taking us out of the political uncertainty, and also using it as an inspiration as Chalayan did, inspired by the social tensions created by not-integrated immigration into Europe.

The designer Natasha Zinko instilled power to women from office fashion style outfits to casual looks; Erdem also presented independent women in daytime as well as in nighttime. On the other hand, Del Pozo’s muse was the asymmetry of lilies and lotus petals of the 1930’s found in National Geographic. Richard Malone was highly praised for his sustainable brand using non-pollutant fashion style fabrics that come from India and techniques that involve low water consumption.








”A celebration of the multifaceted femininity of today’s women … stronger … more conscious … more sensual.”

In these few words, designer Alberta Ferreti synthesize what happened in Milano’s Fashion Week. The Italian fashion capital presented designers who embodied a strong and sensual fashion style woman with a brushstroke of masculinity in their garments. The looks chosen this season gave women multiple identities, as seen in Gucci: a mixture of cosmopolitanism, of different times and places reasserting, simultaneously the inclusiveness and comprehensiveness of today, the fragmentation of the unit and the celebration of the genuineness. Vionnet showed an underwater kingdom; Arthur Arbesser used fashion style prints and fabrics of flowers, fruits and animals with striking colors; and Lucio Vanotti , looking to step aside from everyday life, used fashion style eclectic references, hip-hop and postmodernism: “I mixed and then filtered the ’80, 90 and a little bit of 50”.

In Prada’s catwalk we got to understand the designer when she described the collection as a reflection of “the strength of the women who escaped violence. “My dream”, she said, “is that women can go out and not be afraid: I wanted to exaggerate freedom.” Retaking the values ​​of recycling, Marni demonstrated that recycled textiles can be –and must be- used to create amazing fashion style things, linking technology with innovation.






NO. 21



“It’s a strength today, if you can be assertive but not aggressive.” – Pierpaolo Piccioli, Valentino’s designer.

Unlike the patch working seen so many times this season, in Paris’s fashion week there was no lack of fashion style romanticism highlighted in one of the most romantic cities in the world. Valentino demonstrated it in a fresh way, using flowing lines, flowers & embroidered borders in fashion style vibrant and sophisticated colors; Balmain projected a soft and delicate collection presented by sirens of 2025 dressed in synthetic brightness. Following up, Giambattista Valli reminded us of the power of traveling around the world with a collection that united many cultures in the use of overlapping fashion style fabrics, prints and accessories, while Paco Rabbane wanted to “recover that cultivated and Parisian look: all the pieces are timeless. I tried to balance these elements, I wanted it to feel light and effortless.”

When it came to technology and environment, Stella McCartney led the way with her sustainable fashion style collection with a less traditional touch using unstructured layers; in the same path, Balenciaga, who took us to a futuristic world where models, both women and men, were fused in a seemingly identical creature, thanks to the use of 3-D molds.







In the fashion capitals of the world – New York, London, Milan and Paris- we got to see how the attendees to presentation and fashion shows of fall 2018 ready-to-wear collections showed their best fashion version plus giving their looks their own fashion style.

Below you can see the most frequent and perceptible trends during Fashion Week’s street style



1. Accessories: Shoes, handbags and others were carried in contrasting colors to the rest of the fashion style look. The dimension and volume had the leading role, both tiny bags and enlarged jewelry.


2. Handbags: The fashion style tendency to wear the fanny pack tied to your body is still strong in the streets; those are made out of different textures such as mesh, food packaging and baskets.


3. Established colors: This fashion style trend was seen many times during this season, where full color looks from head to toe, outstanding the chosen ones. This season welcomes red and mustard!



4. Blend of Prints and Color Game: In the juxtaposition of colors in your look, this season the pantones rocked! All pre-established coordination and prints were overruled, and the fashion style trend was the blend of prints and colors of different caliber. Stripes, leopards, dots and flowers demonstrated that styling and personal taste is more worthy than a joint look: The Street was full of creativity!


5. Prints: The best way to make a fashion style flat look stand out is by using a printed accessory that stands out, or by selecting a differentiating textile. We saw black looks adorned with coats in animal print, flowers. Plus, the unavoidable check print and coats with logos were seen.


6. Trench: It has been a fashion style key piece since last season and worn with any look, occasion and style. In different lengths, inside out and upside down, the trench continued to hold its timeless throne in its distinctive camel color.

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