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GdeC – A concept of home design with the hands

Hand painting

Porcelain, which first appeared in China and present through the Renaissance held by the hands of kings and princes, has also held the status of a luxury product from the beginning, providing glare to the most distinguished tables. When this material is combined and moulded in multiple ways, and two sisters with studies in interior Architecture and History of Art find each other again in Madrid, GdeC is born, a brand that produces unique pieces that endeavour to take home design to another level of detail and care: “As we adjusted to our new life, we went to porcelain painting classes and soon our hobby became our passion and business.”

At GdeC, they have taken upon the making of one-of-a-kind pieces in the home design industry, as their specialty is to capture the identity of each host in their dishes. In porcelain, pottery or glass, “we create a world and pieces to measure for each person,” and by doing so, those become luxury items.

How do you create a piece of GdeC?

“Designs are made after talking with each customer. They explain what they want and we give them a piece of our personality: freshness, youth and joy. We kind of try to run from of everything that is considered ‘traditional’ in the decoration of dishes by delivering more sensitive and creative home design compositions; our goal is to make wonderful dishes that are used almost daily and not only on Christmas day, ” add both.

Having realized that there is currently a high amount of competition regarding tableware and home design, the brand stands out for having collections like no others, accentuating on a 100 % personalization embodying nature, modern art and colors.

What is the message of the brand?

Founders, Gabriela, account and client manager, and Gadea, in charge of social media and product photography, want to provide much more home design options when the table is served daily: “Even if you eat on the tray in front of the television, or just a snack before returning to work, or if, on the contrary, you are throwing a dinner party for 20 people at home, impeccable dishes and attention to detail make everything taste better.”

With authentic personality and attention to detail as their sugnature, the Cañedo sisters have managed to position their home design brand in a target known for being “daring, knowledgeable and able to blend colours, prints and different personalities around a table,” having a fresh, cheerful and eclectic product with themselves.

Their sales in cities like London, Paris, Brussels and Bahamas, have opened the doors for internalization, which has been done step by step since they do not want to give up the manufacturing process of each piece or direct contact with their customers. The quality of its products reflected in each piece is what make them part of the home design market.

How is the making process of the dishes?

“First, you have to talk to the client to figure out what he has on mind, show him or her different inspirational images, having in mind drawing, colours, space and the shape of the plate itself. Then comes the work on the plate that usually takes at least two baking times for a total of 20 hours each, in ovens that reach 800 degrees. It is a slow and meticulous process that requires a lot of concentration but at the same time is very relaxing. ”

In love with their work and what they have created together since 2014, they remain their dedication and passion for work while preserving their personality to ensure a bright future for GdeC.

“It is for everyone who enjoys the pleasure of food. The Spanish culture is very keen towards this aspect; we like to spend hours chatting at the table. After living in South America, we feel that this continent has a similar lifestyle. “

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