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Jess Rodgers – Sets fashion wear trends through illustration

Independent illustrator and stylist

Jessica Rodgers, born and based illustrator in Philadelphia started to illustrate and design since she was a little girl. She remembers spending her afternoons next to her grandmother watching the ‘Bob Ross’ TV show and while he painted live, they used to imitate his sketches as accurately as possible with crayons. Thanks to her design studies at Drexel University she found her passion for fashion illustration and fashion wear.

Which of your personal traits are reflected in your work?

“I am a very patient, disciplined and hardworking person. When it comes to something that I am passionate about, I will do whatever is necessary to achieve the goals I have set my mind on. Although fashion illustration as a career path is difficult, I have never given up.”

What is the message you want to get accross through your fashion wear designs?

“I want people to feel and see the splendor and excitement I feel when illustrating fashion wear and beautiful outfits, depicting every detail introduced by designers and their fashion wear trends in a creative and delicate manner.”

The social media sites dedicated to fashion wear is where the consumers go to today. It is a window into your world and the opportunity to have direct contact with them. The illustration market has grown tremendously thanks to the communication networks, making it more affordable and a much more reachable topic for all.

Currently, Jessica is expanding her networks to reach more people, and at the same time she still carries out her full-time job as a stylist. When asked for her favorite designer, she does not hesitate on saying Elie Saab, because his designs and fashion wear are full of details and femininity. They always emphasize the unique fusion between eastern and western cultures, and  constantly use fabrics such as organza and satin, along with more fluid and light textiles.

How do you see yourself in the future?

“Thanks to my further dedication to my job on the free time I’ve got and my desire to work hard, I see myself illustrating fashion wear for great brands and magazines that set fashion trends. I want to send messages through my designs and give them life through illustration “.

What is your fashion style?

“I use whatever makes me feel good at the moment, but I put comfort, functionality and fun firt. I do not follow fashion trends. I usually dress in black and my favorite personal brand is Free People in Philadelphia. “

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