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Les Antillaises – Towel fashion style

”An Invitation to the voyage,  from the Caribbean to the world”

When we talk about beach towels, we only think about its most common usage, which is to dry our bodies after being in the water. Dating back from the 17th century, in Bursa, Turkey, the towels started as a flat piece, in cotton or linen fabric called pestamel; these towels were often embroidered by hand for Turkish baths, and had absorbent qualities; Until the 19th century, with the cotton trade and industrialization, they became affordable in the market and the latest fashion style.

When a French couple traveled the entire world without definite destination, letting themselves be guided by their love towards the sea, and then landing on the island of Martinique, located in the Caribbean, to spend several months -which became years- the fashion style brand Les Antillaises was born. In nutshell, it emerges as the result of the search for a specific fashion style product destined to people who love the beach, and that is also a new market niche that seeks the latest in fashion defined by swimsuits, hats and bags, where the towel was not a relevant element.

“Our products originate in interior design, providing a new and original fashion style product in its shape and aesthetics. “Les Antillaises seeks to transform the use and conception of the towel towards a fashion style product that is lasting, and that thrives to offer the latest in fashion, since ‘’you can use it all year long, even in environments other than the sea: you can decorate sofas with them, use them in parks, as floor mats, or simply by placing it on a white wall’’.

Angelia Stèrie, founder of the brand defines herself as a passionate woman regarding traveling and the feeling of freedom. “I find inspiration on the island. I think it is very important that the price of a product corresponds to its quality; that is why I always choose fashion style materials with the highest qualitative values to propose the best and latest in fashion. “Consolidated by luxury, originality and quality that stand out in the market, they are also known for its commitment to the SOS Children Association, which helps the children of Haiti. They are currently found in multi-brands stores around the world in countries such as Guinea, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Japan, among others.

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