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Martina Pavlova – Fashion style illustrated

Martina Pavlova is a fashion style freelance illustrator, with a remarkable professional career as a beauty editor in lifestyle magazines. She wears a “bold, elegant and casual fashion style ” that stands out for its solid colors and feminine pieces, and appoints Kate Spade as her favorite brand.

With no preliminary inclination for art or illustration, and after her fashion studies, Martina found herself in her professional life as a magazine editor longing for a broader image bank to complete her daily articles. In that moment, she discovered her talent for illustration by fulfilling her own need.

She is currently an “independent brand”, fashion style illustrator that works with people and not for them. She also makes her own projects accentuating the colors, the style, and the femininity her name represents.

What part of your life is reflected in your illustrations?

Martina describes her life as quite minimalist due to the fact that she is constantly traveling: “I prefer to collect memories instead of things, and I think there is immense beauty in sophisticated simplicity. That is probably the reason why my work is sharp, modern and clean, without decoration or unnecessary fashion style details. ” Invariably, there is always a story being told through her fashion style illustrations, exposing her creativity that goes beyond photographic portraits and punctual garments of designers or brands.

“Perhaps your life is not perfect, but with more fashion style and creativity, represented in my illustrations, it’s certainly more beautiful and fun.”

Who is your audience?

“My clients are mostly women with a stylish fashion style who love modern art and look for splendid works for their lives and homes. In the same way, also owners of small businesses and lifestyle brands around the world who want their businesses to be portrayed in one of my illustrations, something that sets them apart from others in the market. ” She points out that the countries where her work is most popular are the United States, Australia and Italy.

Dedicating all her creative-self to her art on some days, and focusing on administrative issues of her brand on others, she stresses that at the moment she is working mainly with entrepreneurs who want to make their business stand out among the competition mainly in the beauty industry. With the amount of competition due to social networks in mind, Martina adds that the most important thing to endure in time is to be authentic, professional and offer something beyond your work and fashion style.

“I believe my fashion style illustrations make the world more beautiful and elegant, helping my entrepreneurial clients to get noticed, to attract the right audience, and make their business flourish. Nothing makes me happier than being a creative part on their success. ”

What is your vision of the current illustration market?

“The fashion style market has been growing thanks to social networks and other online tools.” However, it emphasizes that the ‘golden age’ of fashion style illustration, when illustrators really had the leading role was during the 40’s. ” It is true that, at this moment, fashion style illustration is being used in many fields, including marketing, but it’s hard to know how long it will last. Let’s hope it’s not just a volatile fashion trend.”

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