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MASQUESPACIO, a interior design vision

Interior and product design, by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse: Eagerness with a unique nature and in constant evolution.

“We offer our design and interior design vision. It is our way to contribute a bit to the world”.

With publications in international magazines such as CHIC HAUS, Living Kitchen, Living House, Elle Decoration, and AD, MASQUESPACIO was born as a design studio during ”a strong financial crisis in Spain. Having very few work opportunities, and those that came up were especially to work as a draftsman, we decided to create MASQUESPACIO in order to be able to explore our creative abilities.” Currently, they’re recognized for their fresh and innovative design projects all over the world: Norway, United States, Germany and Spain, among others.

“The biggest quality of our design studio is our customized projects which adapt to each business model and its target audience.”

What’s your target market?

“During the 7 years of our work, we have covered different creative disciplines, from interior design, graphic design to art direction. Since 2017, we have decided to focus 100% on interior design and product design, which are the fields we enjoy the most and where we feel we can really offer something different to the market. ”

Considering interior design has changed drastically since the early twentieth century – when it was just beginning to emerge as a profession – as a multifaceted profession- we can affirm that some of the tasks that MASQUESPACIO fulfill are; conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communication with project stakeholders, construction management and design execution.

“We want to make unique design projects for unique people, creating a unique experience from beginning to end.”

How do you define the current global interior design consumer and how has the market changed since the studio began?

”We are part of the second children’s generation of the digital era, for that reason, we were not born with it, but we have lived through its creation and its constant evolution. When the studio was created, social networks had already been out there a couple of years and since then, they’ve had huge progress in attracting the masses. This has led consumers to be more informed every day about interior design trends; this has generated new possibilities of offering exclusive services and / or necessary service for any business”.

” Today’s consumer seeks new experiences when he visits a design space with much higher knowledge than before. That creates a higher demand on investing in contracts for interior designers. This evolution is being very positive for the designers ”.

“Interior design is about how we experiment with spaces”, dictates the New York School of Interior Design, it has become part of our day-to-day life, having an effect on the way we live, on our way of living and on our own emotions. How do they manage to reach us? Thanks to their skills, they supplement our needs without even knowing them.

”A good design space is based on the fact that it fits with the philosophy of the business model and that of its clientele, creating a unique experience for the final consumer.”

Being faithful to their own design vision and having the desire to introduce it in each project and interior design, Ana and Christophe express their admiration for Moroso, one of the most talented designers since 1952. His expertise in combining craftsmanship and confection with techniques of development and industrial evolution creating unique industrial design, contemporary art and fashion products.

”The most important thing for us regarding the client – above all – is to make them participate in the decisions prior to the design and interior design, since in the end you will be doing a job for him so you will have to understand his philosophy, perspective, tastes and needs.”

Having that in mind, through social networks, interior design market has increased notably. MASQUESPACIO notes “interior design is increasingly closer to the speed of evolution that characterizes fashion. From being something exclusive, it will evolve to be fully integrated and a product of great consumption, always the same as fashion with its different categories and target audiences. ”

What is the role of each one in the studio?

”Ana is the creative director of the studio. She makes all initial designs and afterwards her team of designers, develops small parts of the project under her supervision, especially in larger projects. Once the design is done, our architecture team takes care of turning the design into reality. Chris, in addition to contributing his vision with Ana, is in charge of the communication and project coordination. ”

” The biggest current interior design trend continues to be “new luxury”, gold and velvets combined with bright colors. Madrid follows a much more classic and sophisticated line, while Barcelona is much more avant-garde. ”

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