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Fashion week is not just an opportunity for a certain city to be noticed before the eyes of the whole world but also to demonstrate its creative’s vision, talent, innovation and main fashion trends. During the spring / summer 2019 edition in the Italian fashion capital, there was an air of new beginnings among proposals of well-off, commercial, portable and accessible looks — “functional clothing. Not just for the occasion. We wanted something for everyday life: the normal woman, the active woman. A real wardrobe,” Silvia Venturini, Fendi creative director.

“We wish for freedom, for liberation, for fantasy. And on the other side an extreme conservatism is coming. I wanted to represent the clash between these two opposites. That’s what’s happening in the reality out there. I tried to break the rules when it’s too much no one will embrace it: too much fantasy, too much craziness, perhaps that answers the question; designers are looking for a golden middle between the poles of creativity to which we can all relate.’’ Miuccia Prada

Moncler, on one side, presented his collection under his new direction; Giorgio Armani emphasized the change of format of the traditional fashion show format by offering a show of both feminine and masculine fashion trends supported by the singer Robbie Williams who offered a concert during the catwalk. Fashion for all sizes, an actual influential theme in society, was perceived in an authentic and positive way both in the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show and in Versace’s.

Milan’s Fashion week also presented the latest fashion trends in the form of installations, where in a assembled and artistic ambience with elaborate sets and added elements, such as live music, fashion brands and designers present their latest collections.

The presentation of shoe brand Casadei:

‘’We interpret fashion through the uniqueness of our models. Each new collection offers an aesthetic route through lines, colors and exclusively produced special materials. The Casadei shoe is not only an accessory to wear, but also a thrilling shape to touch and see. A special shoe that makes a special Woman.’’ Casadei

Spring / Summer 2019 fashion trends in prints proclaim among others, the tie dye print wrapped in a hippy atmosphere and a fun fresh air as one of the keys when dressing. Another important factor within the fashion trends? Mixing, juxtaposing and re-assembling vigorously contemporary prints plus demonstrating self-confidence with pieces inspired by modern art. The presentation of the Milanese brand, La Double J was a faithful representation of how fashion communicates through prints:

‘’A full lifestyle label offering new fashion made with archival prints, cool home design and rare vintage. All of La Double J’s creations—from its content, editorial projects and pop up shops, to its product design and wildly patterned showroom in Milan—are distilled through a lens of pure joy, eye-popping print and love of all things in the best way.’’

Female body confidence has become a “critical issue” around the world; the “body positivity movement” in charge of preventing and going against poor body claims by embracing and reminding society through social media and other networks, diverse body types conceptions and the actual meaning of what it means to be beautiful and by dictating that “all bodies are good bodies”.

“I think the biggest change that body positivity has created is this widespread cultural awareness of things that very few people were talking about 5 or 10 years ago,” says Megan Jayne Crabbe, author of Body Positive Power.

Rhea Costa, one of the brands that presented its most recent collection and fashion trends at the Senato Hotel in Milan by means of unique hand-made haute couture garments whose motto and worldwide recognition is the subtle way in which each Garment adapts to different body types, styles and cultures, proving that “Every woman is unique.”

HUI fashion presentation

A collaboration with Pokémon introduced the GCDS runway show by creative director Giuliano Calza, where through one of the most strong Spring/Summer fashion trends – a pop art color palette – seen as well in fashion shows by Balenciaga, Chanel and Marc Jacobs the designer brought a cartoonish feel to wearable and fun runway.

‘’We’re a young group here — we’re all under 30 — and I wanted to talk to people our age about the future and get them thinking about plastics, water shortage and the environment. Full sustainability is impossible, and I wanted this show to be a wake-up call.”

From brands such as MSGM, No. 21 and GCDS moving forward to spectacular presentations and installations revealing top fashion trends such as the Woolrich, Valextra and Santoni, Milan’s spring/ summer fashion week 2019 left its mark as one of the most strong in welcoming the diversity of beauty and age in powerful and audacious women everywhere. In a city that defines glamour, Milan demonstrated once again that when it comes to Italian design and innovation “the more will always be the more”.

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