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Once you have your dream fashion style wedding dress, the rest of the details will just fall into place. 

When we talk about brides, a common scenario comes to mind: a very elegant, white dress and a veil that the bride finally finds after trying a thousand dresses, a dress that will make her say “this is the one”, and that will cause her and her 20 companions and advisors in this life-defining choice to shed tears of joy. This year, during the Bridal Market in New York City this image was recreated and relived once again in all the timeless fashion style trends that always come back, with designers like Carolina Herrera who showed that white is not the only option for wedding dresses: she brought back the mid-nineteenth century trend in which the bride had her wedding gown made in her favorite color. Also, Badgley Mischka presented different tones in fashion style bridal shoes.

The veil got a new fashion style interpretation during the fashion shows, and the common thread of the trends was the use of the cape, which was short, feminine, and dramatic as seen in BERTA’S runway show, and long with a vintage and Victorian fashion style made out of lace, as seen by Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad.

“We are always trying to find new ways to revolutionize bridal wear. By doing so, you can instantly elevate a discreet appearance, give it a majestic look and, also, make it removable. A great exercise for the imagination.” Rime Arodaky

One of the most noticeable features among the fashion style trends, and which designers presented at their bridal shows in New York City, were removable pieces, both in bodysuits and in formal dresses with detachable skirts. The overskirt had the leading role, for it was able to transform the silhouette of the dress to a more fitted one. Some of the designers who showed this Spring 2019 fashion style trend more extensively were Naeem Khan, Zuhair Murad (who also introduced architectural silhouettes and geometric details), Ines di Santo and Danielle Frankel among others.

Thin lines, simple tailoring, and some revival of fashion style trends from the 80s and 90s made the Bridal Fashion Week catwalks turn into a real royalty-worthy celebration with gowns that seized the volume of their fabrics as seen in designer Francesca Miranda and that breezed through them. The collection of Monique Lhuillier, with deep necklines, removable shoulders and a timeless simplicity cannot go unmentioned.

“If they asked me to make Meghan’s dress, this is what I would convey”

The designer Hermione de Paula dazzled with her bridal 2019 line presentation – Abeona’s Garden – showing her most distinctive fashion style characteristics and bohemian style trends through her designs: sort of exotic, a little traditional, definitely personal and immutable … all these elements helped her fashionable handmade pieces into art. For this collection, the designer joined forces with the British jeweler artist and designer Christopher Thompson Royds, who captured the infinite beauty of flowers in his accessories; some other delicate particularities seen in the looks were the dates, initials and messages engraved on the pieces and accessories.

On the key elements in each fashion week are the beauty trends that are present in the catwalks, because no wedding dress is complete without the right hair and makeup to complete the look. Eye shadow and pink lipstick were one of the fashion style that complemented the floral pieces on hair tweezers by the designer Jennifer Behr – the New York brand of luxury hair accessories – and headbands by Reem Acra and Costerellos.

“When I design a wedding dress with a bustle, it has to be one in which the bride can dance in. I love the idea that something is practical and still looks great.” Vera Wang

The ponytails had their moment in the hairstyles fashion style in collections such as Lela Rose’s, who tied them in white velvet ribbons that beautified – even more – a collection made out of two-piece dresses, classic designs with sculptural ornaments which displayed the use of the ancient technique of origami, floral applications and captivating shiny necklines; Galia Lahav chose wavy ponytails which were majestically framed by her spectacular back necklines and matte red lipstick.

For modern, romantic and urban-minded fashion style brides, ” Modern Love,” Elizabeth Fillmore’s collection, was a hit for its high degree of glamour in contrast with its delicate and floral pieces which took the role of a second skin dress and which is coming strong in current fashion style trends. These pieces resemble the use of silk pajamas on a daily basis, but long and in metallic tones. These tones, both gold and silver, made their way to the catwalks, and are the perfect statement for a sumptuous and glamorous bride.

For those who are wondering if all the catwalks dresses were long, as they traditionally are, you are wrong! For casual, fresh and totally confortable events, Viktor & Rolf and Mira Zwillinger presented short wedding gowns. At the same time, the 2019 collections featured turtleneck in elegant lace and / or long sleeves and deep V-neckline with an ultra-sexy bridal look dresses. Which designers took charge of both of these fashion style trends? Alexandra Grecco, Dany Mizrachi and Mira Zwillinger. 

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