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Stefania Tejada “The realness of the feminine spirit”

Through visual arts and the latest fashion style illustration that speak from challenging perspectives, her work responds to the social concept of beauty.

“It’s not who I am, but what I do. An exploration through the body, space, photography and nature; where contemporary women can discover themselves, communicate, can feel themselves and be honest with their audience about their position regarding personal, social and even political issues.”

Stefanía is a fashion style illustrator and textile designer from Tuluá who, from a very early age, participated in different visual arts classes such as traditional painting, where she showed preference for the depiction of the human body and still life pieces; it was also the moment in which her passion for fashion style was born, along with an eagerness for the exploration of new talent. Once she was established in Bogotá, she began her career in fashion design where she fully developed her talent through all the expressive dimensions of illustration. Thanks to her outstanding talent as a student, she traveled to Mexico to present one of her fashion style collections, and decided to stay there. And as fate would have it, thanks to the influence of her two roommates at that time – who studied digital art and industrial design- Stefania felt the need to revitalize that talent with the conviction that she could exploit it to the fullest.

“I took up visual arts again. Oil, acrylics and watercolors were the compositional elements of my work, and people found some charm in what I created. After that, I went for the digital component.” The great response towards her work, which speaks volumes about her talent, made it possible for Stefania to contact fashion style magazines in which she could show her work; that is how she started as an editorial coordinator of a fashion magazine, where she wrote and published her drawings. The whole world knew who she was when she started working with Lenny Letter, a feminist weekly newsletter: this collaboration gave her the opportunity to present her work to a broader audience; being the most important collaboration: the illustration of pop singer Kesha who at that time was suing her producer, Dr. Luke. Later, Tumblr, a microblogging and social networking contacted her website, where she created illustrations for the Michelle Obama campaign: United State of Women.

“In my fashion style work I seek to capture an enigmatic moment produced by the feelings and thoughts of women, by everything that is carried within one and how this is transmitted through a look, an expression, a bodily movement. I introduce women who lead our society, who dominate their being, their identity and their cultural background’’.

One of her most well-known fashion style and visual arts projects, is her mural in New York City dedicated to International Women’s Day. It is interactive, captivating and empowering because it encourages people to be part of her work and also, by taking part in it, funds for the initiative called ‘The Ultraviolet Edge’ can be raised. After this and other projects, in 2016 she presented her series “Girls and the Botanical” in Mexico City, where she met several personalities from the fashion world and from this moment on, her work was exposed through portals such as: Fubiz, Trendland, Label Magazine, W Magazine Korea (Instagram), Itfashion, McQueens the blog, Spindle Magazine and magazines such as Posture (NY), Curve Magazine (MX), Chic Magazine (MX), Guía Oca (MX) and PSYCHE (China).

How do you describe your brand?

“Initially, my personal brand is based on fashion style illustration. I seek to be the voice of many women in the world by creating conversations around current topics. Through ‘my women’ I communicate everything I think and feel about the current world around me, roaring the female voices, helping those who are still silent and being the echo of those fighting for our rights by staying true and honest to myself, my thoughts, opinions and emotions. It is pure gratitude towards great female spirits that have made it possible for us to have a voice in society, rights and equality. ”


“It’s a fashion style brand that is based on illustration. When I think about the future, my idea is to evolve towards a creative studio that has several branches such as illustration, visual arts, branding, etc., and a fashion section that would become a fashion brand “.

Her fashion style, depicted in her prints and faces are very well-known and unique; they start with traces pencil, or as digital sketch when there are differentiated segments. “People buy my illustrations because of the effect they have, and for what they reflect; also, for their empowering effect they try to get across to women, my main audience”.

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