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Crisobela – “There is a whole universe inside of you, waiting to be manifested through your own self”

When we talk about magic, we think about being capable, about having power, about a quality, and an effect on people that is perceived as wonderful attributed to an unknown and unexplainable reason.  The trending fashion jewelry brand Crisobela gives that feminine strength, that magic, through strass crystals. “From the first moment I saw them, it was like love at first sight and the first concept that came to my mind afterwards was MAGIC,” states Maria Alejandra Restrepo, CEO and creative director of this trending fashion brand Crisobela, who also emphasizes the balance and brilliance that jewelry has to offer to us women, particularly to our inner selves, traits that later show in our external projections. Pearls, which stand out for their iridescence, become the ideal partner to the strass crystals.

What is Crisobela’s trending fashion concept?

 “We need to believe more in what we cannot see, and to strengthen our interior lives by developing an awareness of the magic that surrounds us in daily basis.’’ As the writer and screenwriter Alan Moore asserts, “the woman becomes the artwork, the carrier of all those magical elements that make creation, transformation, consciousness and unconsciousness possible, and that take us to other layers of reality, and to the transcendence to which we all aspire.”

To what specific target market is Crisobela as a trending fashion brand aiming at?

“We are aiming for the segment of women between the ages of 25 to 50, part of a higher class, and who thrives to find balance in her daily life.” As a trending fashion brand, their items try to provide the costumer with a sense of confidence in herself and a conscious of her own female empowerment that correspond to the personality of a curious woman in the search of true and lasting bonds in life. She takes on the 1943 character of Wonder Woman, presenting her as “super-woman, a confident, elegant, authentic woman, strong, with a taste for trending fashion, with a defined, one-of-a-kind style, independent, spiritual, a dreamer, coquettish, feminine and passionate.”

What is Crisobela’s international projection?

“As a trending fashion brand, it has had an organic growth so far. It has a very stable position in 6 countries. “

With the vast variety of brands that currently focus on a single audience, Crisobela, as trending fashion brand, stands out for being able to find its target in cosmopolitan women around the world who are fashion consumers, and who also feel identified with the lifestyle brought about their tastes. With an annual release of two full collections in the months of May and December displayed in Crisobela’s most important venues in Bogota, Medellin and other Colombian cities, the brand is becoming a captivating new player in the multitasking warehouses sector.

The Crisobela woman acquires her jewelry for her own energy, it is a process by which women increase their capacity to shape their own lives and their environment, an evolution in women’s awareness of themselves, their status and their effectiveness in social interactions.

An empowered woman is one who has gone through the journey of knowing herself by breaking internal barriers and has come face to face with her true essence. Her authenticity is born at that moment, leaving behind established models and concentrating on her femininity.

We applaud Crisobela, for being a women’s trending fashion brand, with an expertise that has become its signature, and that is constantly pushing for growth, a brand that looks forward and tries to be a part of the formative process of the human beings in contact with it, by teaching them to see and to be magical.



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