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Donna Adi – Illustrator of fashion style

“Whether if it’s sewing, taking photos or illustrating, I’ve always had been drawn by fashion style.”

How did your inclination towards fashion style begin?

She started when she was ten years old, when, at a very young age, she started sewing her own clothes all by herself: “I have always felt great love and passion for fashion style, to the point it became my career. When I was 17 years old I started a graphic line of t-shirts and then, at 21, I opened an online store.” Also, thanks to her penchant for fashion, and to her online project, Donna developed a taste for photography which persisted through her college years.

Why did she inject fashion style illustrations into her life? Just as with her clothes, she found a way to make a name for herself through illustration, fusing fashion and art. Through drawing, Donna expresses different stages of mood through different art expression forms to her 75.5K followers in different social networks, with short love stories in vibrant colors performed by amusing characters. ”I draw things that I’m a fan of myself, and that’s something that inspires me to want to do more.”

”Art and fashion style are always open to diverse interpretation; my work is my interpretation’’.

What message do you want to convey through your illustrations?

Donna exposes the fact that we must always look beyond the obvious: “there is always a story hidden in each work of art. In every image I see, I find thousands of different scenes and fashion trends.” She emphasizes on the fact that each one chooses the way they see life, and that is why there are so many different opinions in the market.

The fact of being an illustrator of ongoing fashion style expressions has allowed her to merge her the fields that are her source of inspiration, such as 2D animation, graphic design, classic and conceptual art, and visual merchandising. “I could not develop my work without my knowledge and experience in these areas; each one is fundamental”. Adding to her journey, the direct contact she have had with fashion, Donna highlights the importance of expertise in fashion style textures and fabrics, as well as to how to work with them for it to come across in the drawings.

A day in your life

“My day starts at 7 a.m., when I wake up; I go running and then catch up with my emails for about two hours. I work on my fashion style illustrations every day for six to eight hours and then spend the rest of the time improving my website.”

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

“Making art, curating exhibitions and traveling the world”.

Your advice for self-starters

”My advice is not to pay attention to negative people and concentrate on your own journey to success. Instead of being affected by things that happen around you, just keep outdoing yourself; even if they steal your ideas, they can never take away or imitate a creative mind. So keep creating amazing art and focus on your goals!”.

“My own style and fashion style is classic and casual; I mix basic elements, solid colors, strong accessories and vintage pieces.”

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