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Dmitry Reutov – ReutovDesign studio

“I create bright colored interior design projects that transport us to the south and fill our lives with energy and happiness.”

“An architectural designer is someone who can work not only with decoration and colors, but also with shapes.”


When we refer to interior design, we talk about injecting beauty and life to everyday objects that we generally overlook by using color. By learning to play with and to manipulate it, we are able to create combinations that amaze us and enhance an interior or an element, which eventually attracts the user’s attention.

The 2000’s decade has been approached, characterized and represented from interior design to technology, by an inclination towards minimalism through applications such as rustic wood finishes and stone surfaces, and through materials such as metal or copper and brass. Despite this predilection, the colors that have achieved a greater impact have been cheerful, saturated and surreal tones, which have managed to evoke different experiences for each customer. One of the accents that we have seen in interior design, cinema, fashion and even chocolate has been pink.


“I don’t have complicated relationships with other colors. I am not a huge fan of orange, but I couldn’t tell exactly why. Pink, however, gets under my skin and it seems I’m not the only one: in America it has been called “the most divisive of colors”. Only 2% of respondents to a French poll said pink was their favorite color, while 17% said it was their least favorite. Some even doubt that it qualifies as a real color.’’ For some, however, “pink is punk, pretty and powerful.” Valerie Steele, curator and historian of American fashion; Director of the Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology

“For me, color is one of the most important, basic and inspiring interior design components. Color is able to change any room and make it what you want and dream about. Thanks to my experience, my perception of color has changed throughout time and I’ve started to incorporate more and more bright colors instead of going for standard shades” says Russian architectural and interior designer, Dmitry Reutov.

Since 2007, the year in which his own interior design studio started, and from the beginning of his career, his main goal has been to “create projects that unleash a storm of icons in people’s minds, create projects that change the world and to transform the meaning of design in everyone’s eyes.”

Through his own company, he has managed to demonstrate that interior design opens the possibility of using nature’s own diversity s in architecture and design. “In order to turn everyone’s homes into a comfortable and beautiful space and be able to live in a constant creative harmony in this wonderful world, we have to get away from the banal things and use interior design.”

What characteristics of your own personality are reflected in your work?

“In my point of view, my attention, dedication and dynamism. I enjoy learning new things constantly like exploring styles, materials, history and culture that I’m unfamiliar with. For me, it is important to always be on the move and carry out the appropriate projects according to my style.”

“The distinctive traits that a space must have to be able to convey emotions are its brightness, various colors and unusual shapes.”

How do you describe Russia’s current architectural design situation?

“Recently, interior design has been developing in Russia. At this moment, we are witnessing the leap going from commercial businesses to the use of creative spaces. People’s desire to transform facilities into functional and beautiful places are coming true. I would say that Russia is like a clay from which incredible things can be done but you need to do a little work to bring the design to the desired level – we have to shape our craft just as we do with clay.”


“I like the American interior design market, people understand what art is, they know its value and they are not afraid to experiment.”

What are the strongest current interior design trends?

“Right now there are many trends going on: we are reliving traditional past styles by giving them new interpretations, which is quite interesting. As a great history enthusiast, I believe that the traditional styles of products and art should and can occupy leadership positions in the present design scene.”

“I’m looking to create a product that can change the world.”

What inspires your interior design?

“The two main elements that inspire me the most are nature and ancient architecture; they are both magical. For example, a cactus is a type of cosmic and futuristic plant. In Russia, they do not grow unlike other countries where they actually do. In addition, I am fascinated by museums, Mexico’s and Morocco’s traditional architecture, their bright colors, bamboo forests, plus Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, and its cosmic landscapes.”

“Some of my favorite designers include, Frank Loyd, Ray Kappa Architecture, Zahi Hadid, the designer Karim Rashid. I am often attracted to small private or full artisan design brands. They are authentic, but in some way, they are also new. It is truly magical and inspiring.”


From your point of view, which is the strongest country, interior design speaking?

“Initially, when we talk about a massive design market, Italy is the undisputable leader. There are a large number of good designers, diverse industries and good marketing in the Italian scene; it is a country that represents and withholds a truly creative design market and is where global design trends are produced.


Similarly, I would like to mention France and the United States, where a very interesting, unexpected and splendid interior design vision is emerging. In my opinion, countries that find themselves in a constant design development will be those that will lead the future of interior design future, as well as will do those countries that can take their local traditions and combine them with modern art.”


“Color is also a reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and social networks that are increasingly integrated into daily life and our attempt to seek more authentic and intimate experiences that allow to create connections at different levels.”

Megy Karydes – freelance writer based in Chicago.

Do you prefer to work outdoors or indoors?

“I prefer to work outdoors, since in Russia, unfortunately, it is rarely possible because of the low temperatures. When I travel somewhere I always try to be outdoors. I love the heat, the sun, and the bright colors.”


What is your point of view on Colombia’s design system?

“I have read about designer Joanna Ortiz, her designs impress me, her work is splendid. I would love to learn more about Colombian design, and after reading a bit on Nueve36am, I can say that Colombian design is very active. Designers use the local culture and apply it in their projects. I definitely want to visit Colombia to find inspiration and explore its architecture and culture.”

“The main characteristic to succeed in the current market is that you will love yourself and create a design that evokes emotions.”

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