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Immaclé Brides, a fashion style that overcomes the fashion trends

Boho chic fashion style love stories were brides have the leading role. ” We design and offer emotions.”

”Immaclé was born from the abbreviated union of my first name, IMMA, with my mother’s family name, CLEMENTE, known for its long line of dressmakers.”

Boho chic fashion trend, a fashion style in permanent connection with the vintage vibes, has traits of both bohemian and elegant attire, for it brings back retro styles to the modern era. When we speak of the boho chic fashion style, organic, colorful, intricate pieces, yet simple and cutting-edge, folk-inspired details, come to mind.

Some details that represent this trend, which were incorporated by the designers into their bridal gowns in the past Bridal Week catwalks, both in the New York Bridal Market and in Barcelona, ​​were dreamcatchers, tassels, floral prints and lace details, among others.

“When I was twenty years old or so, and I was still a fashion student, my sister extended a challenge that I could not resist: To design elegant wedding dresses. From this moment on, I was introduced into a universe that completely captivated me, and that became my life and my passion. “

How did Immaclé started?

“I was born in Barcelona and I live in Canet de Mar, a town located between the sea and the Maresme Mountain. We are very privileged to reside in a place that offers so many options and quality of life, so it was not difficult to start this fashion style project here. Our choice of the vintage target market responds to the responsiveness that inspire our designs, to the romanticism that serves as inexhaustible source of inspiration, and to the delicacy of the fabrics, all constituents that have become our signature. ‘

The boho fashion style is not just a look or a fashion trend: It is like an effortless breeze that defines an attitude that comes from within, and which manifests itself through design elements, such as simple fashion style silhouettes made in comfortable fabrics, ribbons or braids, and organic patterns that create wedding dresses with a bohemian touch.

The Immaclé woman can be defined as ”a romantic woman who believes in love, who dreams and appreciates details. A sensitive woman, with a bohemian fashion style, who wants to enhance her feminine silhouette, a woman with artistic concerns and is looking for a dress that represents and adapts to her personality. Her most important priority is to look exceptional, feel unique without losing her essence. She also has very clear ideas, she is capable and, if necessary, will travel the entire world to get their Immaclé dress. Women who did not know what they were looking for until they found one of our dresses and knew, THAT was the one.”

“Our goal is and will remain the same: To offer each bride the dress that defines her, with which they feel themselves, the dress with which they can enjoy their great day, and will remember and be remembered for.”

An essential addition to complement a wedding dress, and its fashion style, is the wedding location. If we want to recreate the beach, lightweight fabrics and a flowy silhouette with a natural waist are the perfect combo; if your thing is the country side, lace with a tighter contour and fashion style sleeves to the shoulder are a very good option; also, if you are an outdoors environment kind of women, the tulle provides a spectacular silhouette.

How is the process for each Immaclé wedding dress?

”Once the bride decides which dress she wants, we take head to toe measures, we take photographs of the bride with the prototype (they are for the workshop, for inside use only, we like to customize the whole process as much as we can), and then we start by cutting the fabric. The pattern is made, the dress is assembled, and it is subsequently basted for the first fitting; each bride has the option to make new changes. Since the process is so customized and the measurement is so precise, the first fitting is usually enough, but we conduct all the tests that the bride needs to have for the fashion style perfect dress.”

In the atelier, you will always find the latest fashion style trends and innovation processes. For us, it is all about understanding your essence, personality and authenticity, not just for the perfect dress, but for the dress that represents YOU. As a timeless trends seekers, Imma and her design team, create collections that rekindle previously used models, that thanks to a common vision and mission, many brides can wear the same kind of dress or use similar details but each one will be represented in a unique way.

“I personally travel to Paris, Milan, Morocco or India to pick out the fabrics. Silks, tulle, guipure, crochet, plumeti … A mixture of the best fashion style fabrics, chosen one by one among thousands of fabrics from around the world. I always rely on the contributions of the team, on their opinions, to bring the whole production process together. The team is a small family that breathes professionalism, camaraderie and above all, a lot of passion for our work.”

A bohemian or boho fashion style marriage is an eclectic composition of hippy, nomadic and gypsy features with an artistic flair and adventurous spirit. One of the main reasons why it has become a current fashion trend is because of its carefree and relaxed vibes, which can be achieved in many ways using all your creativity. We have seen weddings with boho country, beachy boho, vintage boho, wanderlust, boho chic styles, among others. However, regardless of whether a suit is full of textures, patterns and freedom of spirit, we cannot compare one fashion style to another. Whether you prefer a more sexy, sweet or romantic wedding dress, in Immaclé you’ll find the one you’ve always dreamed of.

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