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GARROW KERDIGIAN is an interior designer that sets a precedent

The New York based interior designer, and an aerodynamic, classic spaces enthusiast; He also owns his own design firm: “Architecture is what sets the tone and tells you what you have to do with a space”.

“My interior design brand is a combination of past and present influences. Much of my work is characterized by French influences underlined by a contemporary American interpretation”.

He has developed a deep fondness for patterns, colorful spaces, prints and textures, which he constantly uses in order to make what we know as traditional into something fresh and overhauled, and also to optimize classic spaces. He adds that one of the most important steps to follow as an interior designer is to always keep the essence and the feeling related to each space’s environment, regardless of their location.

“Growing up in Montreal greatly influenced my aesthetic design. Montreal is a unique space with a unique architecture that expresses both the French style and the British style; the two often come together to enrich each other. Of course, people in Montreal are also smart in their fashion sense and in decorating their home. All these early influences have clearly influenced my interior designer work and my way of conceiving interior design”.

“I try to avoid following trends and making my interior design decisions more structured around historical contexts and architectural precedents”.

The segment of the market of his undertakings is high-end residences, in which his great keenness for vintage design and the use of unique pieces: that is the reason to avoid purchasing pieces already exhibited or overly exposed. “Many of my clients appreciate the level of stratification that I tend to instill in my interior designer projects, which helps to convey a homelike environment adapted to that individual”.

“For me, the inspiration necessary for an interior designer can be found in anything that is unique and interesting, from objects found in the natural world, such as flowers and trees, to highly industrialized products made by man. I can always find inspiration in almost anything”.

One of his goals is to write a book in which he can gather his interior designer work, while attempting to infuse color to interior design of the city that he currently lives in, New York: “New York’s clientele tends to want everything quick, work must be done efficiently, and items should be available without having to stay in line. Customers in New York City are also looking for the best in terms of quality of products and services from their designers, and rarely settle for less”.

Nowadays, his projects are all over the world, in places like Dubai, London, Paris, Palm Beach and Miami.

“When I was in college, the artists I admired the most were greats interior designers such as Billy Baldwin, Mark Hampton and Albert Hadley, to name a few”.

The design group led by Garrow works hand in hand with carpenters and upholsterers specialized in customizing that create furniture adapted to each interior and its corresponding environment. Also, they rely on the collaboration of art consultants to keep abreast of the latest trends.

“One of my favorite activities is to take my clients to buy in Parisian markets, where we work with a large number of antique dealers and lighting vendors. Whenever the opportunity comes, I especially enjoy the art curator craft”

“The company’s extensive interior design work portfolio has been widely presented in national and international magazines such as House Beautiful, Traditional Home, New York Spaces and Architectural Digest”.

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