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Pilar Ferrer, ilustration and mix media reflecting fashion style

Spanish-born, with a nomad soul and a girly voice, Pilar García Ferrer, or as her brand states Pilar Ferrer bearing the name of her grandmother, has become one of the most well-known fashion style illustrators in Madrid, Spain. Architect by choice and with work experience and studies in architecture, she began to develop her passion for photomontage. A lover of both worlds, she has held fashion style exhibitions in Madrid’s museums with her illustration works inspired mostly on women and nature, which she has started selling six months ago.

“The first illustration I made, I made it to my best friend for her birthday; then I started to include objects from nature and applied collage to the compositions,” being attracted by calm spaces to illustrate. She began to publish her fashion style work in social media and from that moment on, her audience, attracted by themes related to fashion style, have not stopped acquiring her art. When we talk about her future, she said she wants to be part of an architectural workshop where she will employ the knowledge provided by her career while bringing her illustration brand and fashion style themes to it. These last two elements have also led her to feel attracted, in the same, way towards interior design and decoration.

She describes her product as a fashion style item which is “affordable. These are decoration products for young couples who have just become independent; art for all, young and fun,” while identifying the French Tolouse-Latrec, Eva Hopper, Eugenia Loli and Larissa Haily as her sources of never-ending inspiration. With 25 years of age and being a fairly open-minded and outgoing woman, she maintains that “a good fashion style artist is a person who through his or her work can connect with the viewer, creating some kind of connection with the observer, so that he or she feels identified in some way or attracted by that work.’’

She has spent many summers in Berlin with the intention to expand her knowledge of languages ​​and a year in Peru, thanks to her interest in ‘architecture of cooperation,’ which consists of “designing a project and having the opportunity to build it using your imagination more and less resources.” After completing her thesis, she affirms that she’s open to the opportunities that the whole world can offer her in cities such as London and Singapore, among other cities that captivate her by their fashion style.

Having already recognized her direct competitors, she aspires to be able to merge the aforementioned worlds and “make posters for corporate brands and images with her fashion style illustrations”.

Her eclectic and simple style

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